Frequently Asked Questions

How can I join ZOI?
Companies may join ZOI by contacting DSR Corporation and then signing a ZOI agreement.

When can I join ZOI?
Why wait? Contact DSR to join ZOI now!

Is the stack going to be open source?
No, this is not open source. Rather, ZOI is community owned. Members of ZOI will receive a royalty-free license to the technology.

Do ZOI members also need to be a member of the Zigbee Alliance?
"Core" and "Observer" members must also be a member of the Zigbee Alliance. This is due to accessing information under Zigbee Alliance IPR policy.

How does it help my company to be a part of ZOI?
ZOI gives companies a community with which to engage with Zigbee and the ZBOSS stack. By working together, the community of hardware, software, and product companies can address the big issues facing the IoT community, such as interoperability and security.

How will joining ZOI affect my current product offering?
Companies can continue offering their current product, and add ZOI to better their position on the market. ZOI will provide companies with more options and expertise across platforms.

How will joining ZOI affect the products I am already working on?
Joining ZOI provides, at the very least, a more intimate understanding of the technology, which can help at any stage of product development. Engineers will benefit from the collaborative effort of the development community and thus, bring more knowledge to their existing offerings.

Do sub-contractors for members need to be members of the initiative?
Subcontractors will be included as part of a membership, however their access cannot exceed that of the member.

What silicon/hardware platforms will be supported "out-of-the-box"?
ZOI supports harware platforms from Nordic Semiconductor, Qorvo, Texas Instruments, Microchip, Telink, and ON Semiconductor.

What is the Free Annual Pass?
A free pass can be used by a member company to give their clients access to the member's code and the member's code only. This is not a membership.

What if a company would like to license ZBOSS directly, not by joining ZOI - is it possible?
Yes, DSR sells the ZBOSS stack as a standalone offering. Contact DSR or visit

Does joining ZOI cancel existing licensing fees for ALL platforms?
Yes, where applicable, all existing licensing fees will be canceled.

Do you have s.c. distribution rights to your company?
No, DSR owns the software.

How do you plan and update features? Who defines the roadmap?
This is the role of the ZOI Steering Committee.

How can major Customers (non-members) get access to source code?
They can receive the code through a licensing agreement or through the "free-pass" mechanism.

Is it possible to test ZBOSS with a Test harness? Is a certification tool is available?
Yes, this will all be provided to members.

How can you ensure stack stability and robustness?
The Zigbee stack is already deployed in market and certified by the Zigbee Alliance. DSR is committed to the continued support and development of the stack. ZOI will help to ensure that the stack remains cutting-edge.