Zigbee® PRO Software Community

What is ZOI

ZBOSS Open Initiative (ZOI) is a community of companies with a shared understanding of the necessity to have a common Zigbee® PRO software platform to overcome, together, the challenges around interoperability, security, testing, and optimization of Zigbee®-enabled products and solutions.

One of the main challenges on the IoT market is to achieve interoperability across the vast smart device ecosystem from dozens of different manufacturers. The key solution to this problem is a shared software platform, utilized and maintained by chipset vendors and consumer product companies. This will greatly reduce the number of compatibility issues and simplify development for manufacturers, while providing the opportunity to cut R&D costs.

About ZBOSS and DSR Corporation

ZBOSS is a hardware agnostic, cross-platform, high-performance Zigbee® software protocol stack developed by DSR Corporation. DSR Corporation is a pioneer of the IoT market with a proven track record and broad expertise. It has been working with the Zigbee standard since 2009 and has accumulated a substantial amount of problem-solving experience.

ZBOSS features cross-platform support, multi-tasking, fixed memory footprint, OS-less configuration, and easy-to-use API. It is an official Zigbee® stack for Nordic Semiconductor and ON Semiconductor and also supports multiple SoCs, MCUs, and transceivers from Texas Instruments, Qorvo, ARM, Telink, UBEC, Microchip, and other chip vendors. Moreover, multiple Zigbee® 3.0 certified products are powered by ZBOSS. Over 200 smart devices from more than 40 vendors have been tested, successfully, for interoperability with ZBOSS.

The interoperability of ZBOSS is proven not only by major semiconductor manufacturers and consumer product companies, but also by the Zigbee Alliance Interoperability Demo Wall at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with more than 120 simultaneously connected devices. The Demo Wall was the largest demo setup in the history of the Zigbee Alliance.

DSR Corporation will share its market-proven ZBOSS stack code base with ZOI members and provide all the necessary tools and support to make it easier for participating companies to integrate new chips and consumer products. Joined efforts will allow for the development of a unified software platform for Zigbee®-enabled smart devices and make it the most interoperable solution on the market.

By accessing ZBOSS source code, chipset vendors and consumer product companies will be able to make any necessary changes to the stack to speed up the product development process and make it more streamlined and effective.

The main goal of the Initiative is to provide IoT market players with a proven, reliable, and highly interoperable Zigbee® software protocol stack, required development tools, and infrastructure to establish a solid ground for effective collaboration on the unified Zigbee® PRO software platform.

The "Tech"

Zigbee networking layer

— Zigbee® PRO r22 (Zigbee Alliance certified)
— Zigbee® PRO r22 SubGHz (production quality)
— Zigbee® PRO r23 (in development)

Profiles and feature sets

— Zigbee® 3.0 (provided with multiple Zigbee® 3.0 certified devices)
— Smart Energy 1.4 (production quality)
— Work With All Hubs (WWAH) (passed internal and test harness testing)
— Zigbee Cluster Library (ZCL) v7
— OS-less, Linux, Zephyr, and Real-time OS support

Development tools

— Network simulator
— MAC and Zigbee PRO certification tests
— Continuous Integration (CI) infrastructure
— Set of the DSR's test harnesses

Why Join

Semiconductor Manufacturers

— Get access to a time-proven Zigbee® stack source code base and insight into the implementation details
— Vote and influence the direction of the Zigbee® feature set development
— Provided stack core will be up-to-date according to the new Zigbee standards
— ZOI members have the ability to enable new hardware platforms and make it Zigbee PRO certified, no limits
— Contribute to ongoing development
— Receive/submit bug reports and apply the latest fixes produced by the community

Consumer Products Vendors

— Secure your investment into product development by getting control over all of the software layers, starting with MAC and up to the Zigbee application framework
— Debug and improve your Zigbee® products at any level of development
— Drive Zigbee network development by contributing new ideas, feature requests, and hot fixes to the stack
— Gain the freedom of choosing your hardware. Application framework and API remain the same for a new platform. Keep your application as-is!
— Receive/submit bug reports and apply the latest fixes produced by the community

Service Providers

— Understand the solution from within in order to build more efficient services on top
— Be more proactive by having access to the source code, giving your support team the insight they need to address customer requests
— Build custom services and speed up your reaction time

Test Houses

— Get the inside scoop on the latest Zigbee implementations
— Better model software implementation and conduct more in-depth certification/testing
— Access test tools used by software development companies

Who should consider joining

Semiconductor Vendors
Consumer Product Manufacturers and Product Companies
Service Providers
Test Houses

What's Included

Convenient development tools based on Atlassian's Bitbucket, Jira, and Confluence
Complete ZBOSS source code for certified Zigbee® PRO r22 2.4 GHz and support for SubGHz
Zigbee® 3.0 and Smart Energy E1.4 profile
Works With All Hubs (WWAH) feature set
Network simulator that works as a virtual platform for running ZBOSS
nRF52x Zephyr support
MAC and Zigbee PRO certification tests
Test suite for automated testing and Continuous Integration framework
Brand new features being developed as a part of the newest Zigbee PRO r23 version

ZBOSS features

— Hardware-agnostic
— Cross-platform: use OS layer for minimum effort porting
— Linux, Windows, RTOS, bare metal support
— Flexibility: 2.4 GHz and SubGHz radio support
— Fixed memory footprint: does not use dynamic memory allocation, which leads to predictable memory budgeting
— Optimized memory usage: low RAM capacity on target device
— Easy-to-use API: inter-layers API uses primitives similar to the ones defined in the Zigbee® and 802.15 standards
— Certified by Zigbee Alliance: Zigbee 3.0 r21 and r22


  • Access to a certified version of the ZBOSS source code
  • Submit Pull and NFD* requests
  • Verification testing and results access
  • Binaries use license with its product
  • Access to the certified and stable versions of the ZBOSS source code
  • Submit Pull and NFD* requests
  • Verification testing and results access
  • Zigbee Pro platform certifications
  • Binaries use license with its product
  • Binaries sublicense
  • 5 free annual source code access passes
  • Access to the certified, stable and development versions of the ZBOSS source code
  • Submit Pull and NFD* requests
  • NFD* voting and prioritization
  • Verification testing and results access
  • Binaries use license with its product
  • Zigbee Pro platform certifications
  • Binaries sublicense
  • Participation in Steering Committee
  • 10 free annual source code access passes

*NFD – new feature development


165 S. Union Blvd, Suite 670 Lakewood, CO 80228, USA

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