New Release — ZBOSS stable version and Full ZBOSS SDK for Network Simulator platform

July 19, 2021

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Key new features:

  • Unified certification-ready version of the Zigbee Compliant Platform that can be used for monolithic application (ZB3 or SE) and Network Co-Processor (NCP) builds.

    All commissioning types (BDB, SE, HA) were separated from ZBOSS stack core library and may be linked to the application depending on its needs

    NB: Certification of HW platform library is required only once, and the resulting certified library may be used in all types of applications by linking with the appropriate commissioning library (BDB, HA or SE) or/and Green Power role library (GPPB, GPCB)

    The same certified library can be used for monolithic application (all stack layers are included into a device firmware) or Network Co-Processor (stack core up to APS and ZDO layers works on the SoC side and user application compiled with the part available in source code (ZCL, BDB; see below) and works on the Host side.
    NB: Communication between SoC and Host is done using a proprietary serial protocol also available in sources.

  • The ZBOSS application part for the Network Simulator platform SDK (clusters and commissioning) is available in the source files, now including all architecture versions and profiles, unlike previously issued separate SDKs for ZB3, NCP, and SE versions

  • TC rejoin now can be initiated via public API. Added new function and ZBOSS Signal to indicate rejoin status.

    The aforementioned NS platform SDK illustrates how to build monolithic Zigbee 3.0 and SE samples and Zigbee 3.0 samples for NCP. A similar approach can be used when building with platforms other than NS.

Updates you may be interested in:

  • The updated ZBOSS sniffer firmware and user application (console and GUI) will be available for all ZOI members in 2021 Q3.

More information for ZOI members is available here