ZOI News Digest - Fall 2022

October 28, 2022

DSR Corporation is excited to be coming up on the 3rd anniversary of launching the ZBOSS Open Initiative. ZOI is a community of companies working on a common Zigbee® PRO software platform, ZBOSS, with a goal of overcoming the challenges around interoperability, security, testing, and optimization of Zigbee®-enabled products and solutions.

In this release we provide an overview of several exciting announcements regarding new Zigbee-compliant member products and updates to the ZBOSS stack.

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ZOI Member Update

ZOI has grown to a total of 15 member companies including 7 consumer product vendors, 6 silicon chip vendors and 2 system integrators. Join ZOI and gain access to DSR’s ZBOSS stack, an independent, portable and high performance Zigbee protocol stack. This year, the ZOI team has completed 1,288 tasks in 91 separate resolved support requests totaling 102 months of engineering manpower. To learn more about ZOI, visit dsr-zoi.com.

Member Product Compliance Certifications


  • MT7902 is ZBOSS 3.11 Certified

Nordic Semiconductor

  • nRF5340 is ZBOSS 3.11 Certified

  • nRF2833 is ZBOSS 3.11 Certified

ZBOSS r23 Update

DSR’s ZBOSS stack, an independent, portable and high performance Zigbee protocol stack is now updated to be r23 compatible. Zigbee r23 introduces several new features and updates that enable greater security and interoperability for Zigbee Devices. Download ZBOSS r23 product sheet here.

Zigbee R23 update includes the following features:

Dynamic Link Key

- Maintains high level of security without install codes and simplifies commissioning.

Device Interview

- Additional device interview steps added to validate the device being commissioned.

APS Frame Counter Synchronization

- Enhanced validation measure protecting connection from impersonator devices.

Secure Channel and PAN ID Changes

- Greater level of control to prevent unnecessary changes in channels or Personal Area Networks.

Smart Energy Key Management

- Enables Trust Center to identify and verify if a device meets a required level of authentication.

Trust Center Swap Out

- Secure mechanism for replacing a Trust Center and ensuring automated devices rejoin.

Restricted Mode

- A Trust Center can now configure a device to only receive management commands from that Trust Center.

Zigbee Direct

ZBOSS also supports Zigbee Direct. Zigbee Direct is a new feature which enables secure communication between Zigbee and any Bluetooth supported device. Zigbee Direct reduces the time and complexity required to design, develop and utilize Zigbee devices. Download DSR’s Zigbee Direct product sheet here.

Zigbee Direct is comprised of two components: ZBOSS SDK with Zigbee Direct Device and the Zigbee Virtual Device.

- Zigbee Direct Device is a portable, full-stack ZBOSS SDK with ZDD role. The ZDD communicates with the Zigbee network and Bluetooth-enabled device simultaneously.

- Zigbee Virtual Deviceis a component used by product companies to build custom commissioning applications which add devices to their Zigbee networks.

Zigbee SubGHz Support

Zigbee protocol now supports SubGHz frequency band. The ZBOSS stack has been updated to incorporate these changes.

ZCL8 Compliance with Backward Compatibility Modes

ZCL8 includes extensions to existing ZCL commands, like adding new parameters into a command. The DSR Team has updated ZCL implementation so ZCL6 & ZCL8 versions are compatible.

Full-Featured Green Power Combo Basic

ZBOSS is updated to feature the full version of Green Power Combo. All possible demands related to Green Power Combo are now supported.

Continuous Integration Updates

r22.2 and r23 certification tests and automated nightly builds were integrated into CI.