ZOI News - Winter 2024

February 14, 2024

We are approaching the four-year anniversary of the launch of the ZBOSS Open Initiative (ZOI). ZOI is a community of IoT product developers, semiconductor manufacturers and test houses with a common goal of addressing challenges posed by Zigbee development by creating and maintaining a shared Zigbee PRO platform, ZBOSS.

Member Benefits

ZOI makes Zigbee development simple, allowing you to focus on your product while receiving new features, faster certification, maintenance support and a secure, trusted, high-quality Zigbee platform. 

Members get access to DSR Corporation’s market-proven ZBOSS stack code base, along with the necessary tools and support to make integrating the stack with new chips and consumer products simple. This joint effort allows for the development of a unified software platform for Zigbee®-enabled smart devices and makes it the most interoperable Zigbee software stack solution on the market.

By accessing ZBOSS source code, chipset vendors and consumer product companies will be able to make any necessary changes to the stack to speed up the product development process and make it more streamlined and effective.

Check out some highlights from this past year and take a look at what is coming up in the ZBOSS Open Initiative. 

ZOI Member Update

ZOI now includes a total of 16 member companies, encompassing consumer product vendors, silicon chip manufacturers, and test houses. Notably, five new members joined in 2023, contributing to our diverse community.

Recent ZBOSS Release


ZBOSS 4.0 version 4.1.2

This latest version of the ZBOSS stack provides multiple updates on all networking layers, which increase stability. These updates include building on security enhancements introduced in Zigbee PRO 2023.

New Certifications

ZBOSS 4.0 is fully certified by the Connectivity Standards Alliance for Zigbee PRO 2023, which is the latest version of the Zigbee standard.

Golden Unit Status 

ZBOSS 4.0 and ZBOSS 4.0 Sub-GHz are designated as Golden Units (GU) by the Connectivity Standards Alliance. A Golden Unit is used as a leading reference implementation at test houses during the IoT product certification process.

Learn more about ZBOSS’s Golden Unit status here: https://en.dsr-corporation.com/news/zboss-goldenunit

2024 Roadmap 

Zigbee/Matter Bridge

  • The Zigbee/Matter bridge is a component of an IoT Framework that can integrate existing Zigbee ecosystems and devices to Matter ecosystems. 

Multi PAN 

  • The Multi-PAN solution allows a single radio to run Zigbee and Thread stacks simultaneously, using ZBOSS and OpenThread, to expand communication in the ecosystems. The Matter protocol can run over Thread, expanding the ecosystems. 

New DSR IoT Site

DSR launched a new IoT site, where you can find ZBOSS Downloads and other information about DSR’s IoT services and products: www.dsr-iot.com

DSR IoT Forum

Coming soon, DSR will launch a Community Forum, where users of DSR's IoT products and services, including ZBOSS, can ask questions about the platform and participate in discussions about the technology. The DSR IoT Forum will be available to the public, and ZOI Members can direct their users with ZBOSS questions to there.

To learn how joining ZOI as a member company could streamline your IoT development: visit www.dsr-zoi.com